Any senior traders in NZ ?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by ramuk, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. ramuk


    I would like to work for one.

    I am currently in Wellington but can move around.
    Like to trade Forex and Commodities.

    I like to burn the midnight oil.
  2. Hey friend,

    What is trading like in Wellington or Auckland? Is there an active trading community there? Most of my trading buddy's travel back and forth from the South Island to Brisbane and/or Queensland.

    I have an interest in some ranch property in South Otego near Queenstown, I'm looking for more property as well.

    I'm quite interested in trading from NZ and or NSW or Queensland.

    Fill me in. If you're in the States you can come stay at my places on the West Coast of the U.S.

    Dr. Zhivodka
  3. ramuk


    Unfortunately, I just moved here from the States
    about a month ago and so far have not really discovered
    any traders here.

    I am enjoying the life here. Fairly laid back and friendly
  4. Dr Z,
    I trade from auckland,just found this site today.
    The main problem is the time zone,the US market open on Monday 9.30am is 1.30am Tuesday in auckland.

    There are not many traders that I am aware of period. 2 trade the ASX,and myself,I trade the US.

    Otherwise NZ is much like the US in the early'70's

    cheers d998 :cool:
  5. GIG


    "Otherwise NZ is much like the US in the early'70's"

    hehe, are people running around in bell bottoms? :)

    I'll be moving to Christchurch in January/February...

    I've heard from other friends down there that broadband connections are much more expensive than in the US/Canada. Can you comment on this?


  6. gig,
    broadband is approx $35.00/month NZ.
    the main problem is actually being connected,not all area's have access,the south island is actually better than the north.

    bell bottoms....................oh yes

    cheers d998
  7. graeco

    graeco Guest

    Its confusing looking at the charges for Xtra jetstream.The monthly charge is $35 but there is also a telco charge of $30.Does this $30 include the basic telephone fee?Even if it is $65 just for jetstream that is ok but you are limited to 5000mb international access and then 10cents a mb.So the question is,just how many mb do you need to trade a full session and do research?Does anyone know?
  8. graeco,
    no the phone bill is seperate.
    you can have jetstart,slower than jetstream,but fixed cost.
    in reality you will not exceed your 5000mb,I use realtick,daytrade,nighttrade actually,and have never exceeded the 5000mb limit

    cheers d998

  9. Greetings,

    So how do like trading the ASX? When I last looked it several years ago it seemed to be filled with many many low priced mining companies.

    Do you trade the SFX. I visited the exchange floor back in '96 before they went all electronic. Is there any decent volume? Any good contracts to trade?

    What about HK or Shanghai?

    Dr. Zhivodka
  10. Dr Z,
    no I trade the US. The ASX is a waste of time,non existant volume............a cadevar

    cheers d998
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