Any scalpers out there?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Fizber, Dec 2, 2006.

  1. Fizber


    Anyone have some good scalping strategies? I"m specifically looking for people who scalp maybe 5 - 10 cents per trade on stuff in the 25 - 50 dollar range.
  2. jtnet


    buy low, sell high. sell high, buy back lower

  3. tradethetrade

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    Follow a common strategy where we get in front of big institution orders that are agressively trying to get filled. Do a search here for tape reading, bid stepping up, offer stepping down if you are interested in this style...
  4. u are not after size, just a pattern of orders stepping up, size is there to be hit if on the bid and there to be lifted on the offer...typically.
  5. "is a common strategy where we get in front of big institution orders " ......

    and get run over like the masters of the obvious that WE are.
  6. tradethetrade

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    I knew I was going to regret writing it the way I did but what I meant was to place your order in front of a meaninful bid stepping up or meaninful offer stepping down so technically you are following size but you are in front of it. Hope that's clearer.

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    Do yourself a favor and take the word SCALPING out as a trading goal.

    Trading stock index futures is something to be considered also. (not intending to open the can of worms about which is better for short time frame trading)

    Myself, if i was younger and needed a new plan i would trade ES e-mini's as intraday positions and maybe even swing trade the ES and intraday play against that swing trade as a intraday hedge, then with some skill it might double or triple the range of the swing. (not for the faint hearted)

    THEN, as profits are booked, sweep the 2 or 3 futures accounts into some position s in growth stocks. The above possibility as a plan would require a lot of time and work. trouble is most young men and women are busy with the job, kids etc.

    Good luck...........DO NOT think scalping is the answer. TRADING is great, but scalping is a mirage. :eek: :cool: :)
  8. Pull the head slightly towards you, make a clean incision up in the hairline and trace a pattern around the top of the head- some people like the clover leaf pattern best. When the cut is complete use a spatula to get into the opening and pull back until you can get your fingers under the brow line. Then in one swift motion yank back.

    It's dirt cheap. And it works.

    BTW - no financial interest with this guy. Yea, he sells a service, but it's under $50 (!) and with a little tweaking for your own interests, it works.
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