any russian traders

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    any russian traders on this post , if there please pm
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    The Russian traders I know just hack the exchanges.
  4. Bob111


    never heard of it. hacking personal accounts-yes, but exchanges?
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    Come on man, it's a joke.
  6. Yes...
  7. defensive... hmhm... russian style ? :D
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    Here's one
  9. I want to know what your Mig 29 was doing in Georgian territory before the Russian Georgian conflict.

    I bet that Mig 29 didnt think that it would be caught on camera.

    The Russian position on this video footage:

    "It wasn't me"

    And the Russian position on the fact that they instigated the Georgian crisis:

    "It wasnt me, it was Georgia"
  10. Nothing like a complete change of topic
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