Any russell peters fans out there?

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  1. I went to see him a while ago and he has to be one of the funniest comedians i have ever seen, he will end up being a legend, he talks about the stereotypes everyone pussy foots around, and it is hilarious. Reminds me of Chris Rock except he goes beyond black white, and just attacks everyone. I remember doing sales in toronto and meeting all kind of ethnic groups, and EVERYTHING he says rings true, including his stereotypes on whites it is hilarious. My best friend is brown, and i used to hang out with lots of asians out there too his descriptions are spot on i remember being around all their families,it is hilarious!
    make sure you watch this one, this is one of the funniest sections of comedy i have ever seen.
  2. Saw his show in Vegas last November. He's one funny mofo.
  3. Red ink, nice to hear from ya, congrats on the success man! You
    are rocking some monster blotters these days, hope it keeps
    going well for ya! I would love to chat with ya again some time!

    This is one of the funniest shows i have seen ever... i watched him in Toronto, he will end up being a legend!

    The second video i posted is deadly, especially cause my best friend is brown, i remember the exact same thing happenign with his family when we hung out man, wasnt funny at the time but when Peters throws it out there is is hilarious, i cant believe how spot on his stereotypes are.

    The whole bit about child protective services, my friend used that exact line and his dad just beat him mercelessly right in front of me, oh my god that is funny looknig back in hindsight, he totally cvalled the bluff:D

    My buddy (who is brown) was like "you cant hit me, i will call the cops!!" and his dad just kicked his ass relentlessly, while he was asking him when he was gonna call the cops, it was awkward at the time cause i was there, but looking back it seems pretty funny now and he would laugh at it to. His dad wasnt abusive or anything just extremely strict, and culturally different, if you ever had a muslim friend growing up you would know what im talking about.

    Somebodys gonna get a hurt:D