Any retail traders located in Dubai/UAE ?

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    Is it possible to get residence permit in UAE for the sole purpose of day-trading Forex?
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    Why don't you ask someone who might actually know?
  3. Your question is not related to trading. I live in Dubai and Thailand, I can tell you there are various ways to get it, which depends on you.
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    Thank you. But they might right away reply we are not visa consultants.
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    I am sorry, if this is not the right place to post this query. I read old conversations related to moving abroad to reduce tax. Im a tax resident in Sweden where day trading is taxed at 30% flat. I'm thinking about moving to UAE and becoming a tax resident there - 0% tax.

    From what I know so far is that u either need a sponsor, or have ur own company to obtain a residence permit. As u said, there are many ways to get one... But, I can't find info specific to day traders. I'm just looking for UAE visa options for day traders.
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    ever thought about increasing your trading size to cover the 30% tax? if you need to pay for something then just earn more and get it over with. but if you have no clue about the randomness or the markets your in trouble.
  7. Since you took my reply nicely. Easiest way is to get a freelance visa. You have look at many local Facebook groups and ask. When you are freelance, nobody cares if you work or not. You can just stay home and do your thing. But just double confirm with anyone who offers your freelance visa, and contact following GOV arthurites , you can CHAT with them, to insure you stay legal, else you get fine and maybe deported. Labour and work Related Visa and residency related
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    I want to increase my trade size and that's the main reason why I want go some place with less/no tax. Don't get me wrong, I've lived here for quiet some time to experience/look the positive sides of paying high tax. IMO Scandinavian tax-men are generally rich and I see no point in making them richer. This money could me used up elsewhere.
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    I really didn't think about the freelance visa. I will research on this. Thank you so much.
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    Any update on getting a residence visa in Dubai?

    I'm in a similar situation. I'm currently employed in Dubai, but looking for options to be self-employed and keeping my visa by setting up my own company.
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