Any retail firms offer Lightspeed platform?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by trader1919, May 1, 2012.

  1. Do any other retail firms offer Lightspeed software platform other than Lightspeed itself? I know many prop firms (T3, Chimera, WTS) that do. but do any other retail places offer it? Thanks for your help!
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    What do you like about lightspeed that you think other platforms don't offer?
  3. I recently signed up for lightspeed and it was a great move. I tried out tradestation also but that wasnt for me. From what i know of lightspeed only they offer it on the retail side. Why wouldnt you want to go directly though them???
  4. what do you like about lightspeed? i want to do only retail because i feel your money is protected by the government. are there any account fees or charting software fees? you ever use IB or speedtrader? i ask about speedtrader because i hear they have cheaper rates.
  5. I also want to know that firm.
  6. i came over from IB to lightspeed. the software speedtrader uses DAS is horrible. I saw your other post and commented on that too. the money is SIPC insured. i pay about $30 a month for the data but its worth it. platform is free charts come with it and a bunch of other tools.
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  7. good i was looking at lightspeed too.