Any retail brokers w/Athens Exchange?

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    Hi everyone, first time posting here and was wondering if by chance there are any brokers that can get you to the Athens exchange. I have Schwab and TD but no luck. Basically I want to get my hands on ETER - the rights to the National Bank of Greece that were issued. I own ADRs (NBG) but as some of you know, those are not going to participate in this transaction/recap so basically any of the warrants that ADR holders would get will be cashed out by the ADR administrator and deposited in the ADR holder's account. I think the rights have much more value than current trading value so would like to go out and buy them but it's a bit of a bummer to see neither Schwab nor TD have this capability. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.
  2. Probably Saxo.

    You may be able to open an account to access the Saxo Platform with Investors Europe.

    But according to the Investors Europe Web Site:

    For MiFID Products :
    A 'U.S. Person' is defined as one who is permanently resident inside the USA.

    The SEC’s interpretation of U.S. federal securities laws limits Non U.S. Broker-Dealers to working with those permanently resident outside the USA. Non U.S. broker-dealers cannot approach and/ or solicit U.S. resident persons because an Internet Web site is interpreted by the SEC as being the same as a telephone call to a client.

    Non U.S. broker-dealers maintaining an Internet Web site can thus only accept a U.S. person if he or she has not been solicited either directly or indirectly through accessing their web sites under the 'unsolicited' exemption Rule 15a-6.

    U.S. customers wanting to work with Non U.S. broker-dealers can thus only approach Non U.S. broker-dealers under Rule 15a-6 if they have not been to their web sites and should be prepared to certify this fact in writing to ensure compliance with applicable law. They should also be prepared to certify in writing that they have not been solicited by the company in any manner either directly or indirectly.

    For Spot Forex: Investors Europe does not work with U.S. citizens.

    Useful Links :

    So, to conform to this regulatory quirk, maybe call them instead of going to their web site. +350 200 40303
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  4. ETE is included.

    I guess the rights may be tough to get though if you need those specifically. Maybe they could get those too if they are traded. Are rights necessarily traded openly?
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    fly to greece if you are serious.
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    Try credit suisse, I used them for some future trading and I remember they the had access to the Athens exchange.
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  8. I doubt it, at least for U.S. residents:

    does not list Greece. I do not think Greek stocks are approved by the S.E.C. for offer in the U.S.

    They conceivably might do it for non-U.S. residents.
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