any remote possibility of 'surprise' rate cut...GONE

Discussion in 'Trading' started by increasenow, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. any remote possibility of 'surprise' rate cut...GONE...many had thought it would be today with options expiration...not so...we are literally days away from the FOMC mtg...there AT THAT will probably get your .25 bps cut and the market will tank because anything less than .50 bps cut and market is servely disapointed...DOW could be around 10,000 by then...thoughts?
  2. No chance in hell 10k by then. Be realistic. 10k DOW if an unforseeable didsaster. Maybe touch 11,999 before a bounce.
  3. Bowgett


    We are going to get at least 50 and may be even 75 points cut and markets are going to rally. :)
  4. Awesome call on your "NO surprise rate cut"!!! You are a trading god...

  5. Nice call dude. It's time to call out all these a$$holes. And give credit where credit is due.