Any recommended literature about scalping NYSE?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by ronin266, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    Could anyone recommend me a couple of books about scalping NYSE? I´ve tryed googlin, but the results are just a lot of stupid "technical" books filled with a bunch of indicators and other bs.

    Would like something that could serve me as a starting point to learn scalping price levels in high volume stocks (alu, f, etc), because discretionary scalping is getting too stressfull for me, and I need at least some mechanical and stable daily bread strategy.

  2. Greg88


    I suggest slowing down and reading: Trading in the Zone, by Mark Douglas.
    If you're frustrated as you sound, as I've been there too( for me-trying to push signals when none existed!)- it's a signal to regroup and sort out what strategy makes sense to you and a simple one that you can follow, especially on sim.
    simpleforextrading22 - can help.
  3. I´m finishing reading The Disciplined Trader by the same author. People say that the two books are almost twins. So I see no point reading the second one :). (great book btw).

    But I´m asking for scalping books, that could give some basic knowladge with that strategy, so I could develop a personal variable from that.
    Starting from monday I´ll devote a lot of time just watching quotes and ecnbooks..

    P.S. When NYSE changed their 123c rule, my main bread and butter strategy was gone forever, it was mechanical, statistical and monotonous but it feed me for a long time, and since then I didn´t found anything like that.

  4. Greg88


    Hi Ronin,
    Great book, but I found I learned something each time I read
    Trading in the Zone- fwiw.

    I suggest you look at knowing the local support and resistance
    levels to use as a scalping method; or learn to read the
    'tape'- which is much harder to do.
    Otherwise I suggest a simple system called Trading the Open
    Range method.
    There are ebooks available on the net describing this method.
    I like it, it is simple and when you follow your signals, profitable.
    But also the good part of this is you do not have to sit in front
    of the computer all day if you don't want to.
    Hope this helps.