any recommendations on option books?

Discussion in 'Options' started by freewilly, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. I traded options, but not often. I know basic concepts, and I know some strategies, but I want to get one in depth, in detail book.


  2. Option Volatility and Pricing, by Natenberg.
  3. Thanks.

  4. McMillan, then Natenberg and then Cottle if you're really motivated. :cool:
  5. newwurldmn


    The John Hull book.

    More theoretical, but very good.
  6. My reading list (in order):

    1. two books by Tony saliba
    2. McMillan
    3. Natenberg
    4. Cottle
    5. Sinclair

    Then some more academic books/journals and pick up some programming/modeling skills.

  7. Craig66


    Natenberg is will cure any insomnia problems you may have.
    IMO the Sinclair books are the best value, the second one is just a good overall trading book, one of the few worth reading.
  8. Truth! I had to drag myself through the last half of it, but it's a great reference. Unfortunately I may have to re-read it sometime on the future; I'm not sure how much of the info I absorbed the first time, what with my eyelids drooping. :D

    I'm currently reading The Volatility Edge in Options Trading by Jeff Augen...excellent book so far, though he loves his equations when discussing option pricing theory (and I'm certainly not a math major).