Any recommendations on Chicago well-reputable prop firms with base salaries

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by tobyzzz, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. tobyzzz


    I have a strong track record, and I am looking for prop firms in Chicago area with good reputation. I want something like base salary plus profit split. Any recommendations?
  2. Why would u need a base salary ifyou have a strong track record?
  3. tobyzzz


    'cuz I am a foreigner, and I need the working visa sponsership, that kind of firms will look more legit to me..
  4. RickL


    Do you live in Chicago? Have you been down the street lately? Strong track record? I just laid off three traders that would embarrass you on a bad day. My recommendation; save a nut. Work 3 jobs if you have to. Live at grandmas. When you're ready,trade YOUR money. There is NO prop firm that likes you. You are not that good. You want a reputable firm why? So when you leave, you can drop their name? If you find someone who will pay you to trade their money, let me know.Any firm you find will want something in return.
  5. 50_Bip


    Yeah forget it, you're screwed - There is no firm like this on planet Earth.
  6. tobyzzz


    What is your point? How do you know that I am not that good? I know some firms that give some base plus the draw, if you are really good.

    BTW, do not act like a mad dog. If you just get fired by the street, it is ok, calm down and go back to have a sleep..
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  8. RickL


    My apologize. My point is there is not that much out there. If you are that good, go to work.

    BTW, I did not just get fired by the street, I do not have to have a sleep.

    Good luck with your search.
  9. If you know of some firms already that will hire if you are really good (and you state that you are really good), then why are you asking the question?

    You make no sense.
  10. Work 3 jobs and live at grandmas? then trade his own money when he's saved enough????

    Haaa, what kind of advice is that? You really layed off 3 of your guys? why?

    truth be told, if this guy has good enough returns he can definitely find a backer in chicago or london.

    Rick, what product do you trade?
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