Any Recommendations for Lawyers Experienced in Trade Related Disputes?

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  1. Hmm..interesting point. My account representative actually RECOMMENDED I liquidate the trade, as there was a probability for a large move against me with the index futures trading as they were (he was correct about this). At the time I surmised this HAD to be an issue with my front-end, so I didn't think twice about taking his recommendation, but after digging more in depth today, it very well could be the fault of my which case I'm sure his advising me to close out the trade was purely a CYA move.

    All I can say is thank God I trade with two seperate brokers and use two seperate front-ends...otherwise this could have turned into a disaster.
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    That may help you. Most likely it was on a recorded line
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    You are in the wrong place for reasonable advice as your posts are short of solid information and no doubt you will be reluctant to yield it up on open forum.

    Therefore we can all only surmise why you would ask for specific advise based on heresay only.

    Any good Broker will settle with any good Trader when the facts clearly point in this direction

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