Any Recommendation for MT4 based Fx Broker

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  1. Hi ppl

    I am looking for a FX Broker with MT4 platform.

    Currently I have short listed by IBFX and Spencer Financial. I have searched through the forums and have read many things said about these brokers.

    If there is any other FX Brokers worth recommending, I would greatly appreciate that

    As I dun trade specially on news, I am not so concerned about spreads widening during during a particular period.

    Thank you
  2. I may recommend MIG Investmenst Sa and also Spacevision SA
  3. Xenia


    Z-Forex should recommend Z-Forex. What do you think ?

  4. Kasper


    Just a warning to anyone considering using IBFX or Spencer Financial, for that mater!!! they are both tied to the same clearing firm FOREX LIQUIDITY LLC who seems to get off on ripping their clients off.

    I would also be very weary of FXDD who also is tied to this ROBERT GRAY and FOREX LIQUIDITY LLC and not NFA registered.
  5. so which forex broker would you recommend?
  6. For scalping? NONE. I want to see what COESfx pulls off with their MT4-ECN combination. So far, their demo does not convince me, even though some guys at Forex Factory swear by it. They told me to give them a few weeks to iron things out. I'll have to see it to believe it.
  7. BigGun


    danger66 Your right, something smells funny about coesfx/ MT4 deal and I belive the guys at the facatry are promoting, somthings just not right!!

    Have been reding plenty to rase my red flags
  8. Hi BigGun, I'm not saying that their good or not - just that the proof is in the pudding.

    I also don't believe everthing that's posted on Someone from EFX pointed me to

    Apparently, there is a lot of rigging on the website.
  9. BigGun


    Pretty strange, why anyone would (without some financial interest) go as far to design a whole site solely to discredit another site a site that allows one to voice out opinions on a service thay had trouble Makes one wonder who felixbastard ws putout by, maybe the firms getting bad reviews themselves trying to descript the messenger Do we know anything about who build that
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