any recommendation for free real-time charting software that work with IB???

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by adamchubb, May 3, 2011.

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    To clarify..

    - NinjaTrader caches data locally thus future recall is quick
    - While connected, NinjaTrader does load the current day's historical data to ensure that there is no missing data --> Likely the delay the OP was referring to
    - If you wish to keep tracking a symbol like MC does, what one can do is open a Market Analyzer window, add a single indicator column (like a SMA for a 60 minute series) add the symbols that need to be tracked.
    - Then even if a chart is closed for a symbol, the chart will load instantly in the future since the symbol tracking is maintained by the Market Analyzer
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  3. Charts worked correctly today. Thanks IB for the 1-day fix.
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  4. I recall saying this before. There is no excuse to not to provide Volume bars with IB's data. At worst it would be 99.999% accurate vs single tick data.

    totally bogus and ridiculous.

    The problem seems to be not enough NT traders have demanded it. Their excuse seems quite lame, maybe the code they use is not flexible enough to handle 1 minute bars on back fill to create vol charts. QT gets 1 minute data from them, and the charts are good enough. If you grabbed 15 sec data, the chart would be indistinguishable from a full tick chart

    They should write a new module for IB users in that case. A real deal breaker not having volume charts.
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