any recommendation for free real-time charting software that work with IB???

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by adamchubb, May 3, 2011.

  1. Timber Hill != Global market maker?
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    Making markets with firm capital and offering products to retail are two distinct businesses - especially in the eyes of regulators. Don't compare apples and oranges.
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  3. Argh .. understood .. Can leverage technology, but not compliance frameworks..

    I stand corrected. Cheers.. :)
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  4. I was referring to NinjaTrader's lack of Singapore dollar as a contract currency.
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  5. dlonET


    You are lucky that you have these skills but others may use SierraCharts that does that.
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  6. dlonET


    Is your backfiller a complicated piece of software? Can you provide it to me to see the difference?
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  7. No.

    This is because NinjaTrader refuses to make an effort to include the feature in the program.

    E.g. 1 sec backfill (which is supplied by IB) can very well be used to reconstruct constant volume bars.
    This can be seen in QuoteTracker which does it for ages.

    The problem is just that NinjaTrader is obviously not prepared to satisfy needs of IB customers.
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  8. Thanks for the links, especially that 2nd one. I've never heard of anyone using charts from that site, so I'd love to hear from someone who has and get their critique. I like that it's free (cheap bastard that I am), but if it's any good I'd imagine there'll be a fee for it at some point.

    IB's developers have really lost their way now ... can't even get the correct full Globex session on a one-day chart anymore. It seems to have escaped them that "today" starts at 18:00 and goes to 16:15 rather than 00:00 and 23:59, even though high/low on TWS shows it knows the difference.
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  9. LeeD


    I think the problem is the trading seession lasts over more thna one day. I guess they have lots of hardcoded assumptions that a day sessions spreads over the course fo one day only. The "pit" trading session is displayed fine.
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  10. Yes but this is not shocking news to anyone, least of all to them.

    Since I started with IB, over 4 years ago, they had this one simple concept right ... a "1-day" chart meant session start to session end, no matter what product or exchange. As of today, for the first time they changed "1-day" to mean a calendar day, on all futures products on all exchanges, which is absolutely retarded. The midnight time threshold means nothing special in any market that I know of.

    Once again, IB shows they have little clue about (or regard for) the needs of traders, and makes another completely unnecessary and disruptive change for the worse.
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