any recommedations for good blowup books?

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    I love reading books like ltcm, liars poker-

    are there any other good "blowup" or really good intrigue type trading books you recommend?
  2. Jaime


    I enjoyed predator's ball.. along the lines of Liar's Poker but about Milken

    less good, but same type is FIASCO
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  5. It would be great if we had a book exchange. Libraries suck, the book stores same old crap, amazon all well and good. BUT I don't want to build a library and don't care for the hassle of re selling.

    What if we posted a book and earned a "book credit". For example, you have a 25 dollar book enables you to borrow a $25 book from someone else in the book exchange. Postage is paid by whoever has the book.

    I don't want ownership of the book or any books for that matter but would like to read for the cost of postage.

    Someone would have to be a librairan of some sort (not I, maybe ET) to be sure people aren't ripping off the books to sell on amazon. Maybe charge a annual membership fee.

    Just an idea.
  6. RedDuke


    You have got to be kidding? The cost of the book is usually between $30-50. Even if you get 1 idea, it is worth reading it. If you find none, just throw in in the trash.

    If you can not even afford to buy books, you should not be trading/investing.
  7. nutmeg, how is that better than a simple, free interlibrary loan through your local library, whether it "sucks" or not?

    Let's see: zero cost to you... nothing to pack or ship... no credits to keep track of... no trust or (gulp) teamwork on your part involved... may well be able to request titles and track status online, without moving your butt... can get virtually any title, including overpriced 3- and 4-figure out-of-print books. So, what seems to be the problem?
  8. Agree. I go online, pick a book, it gets delivered to my local library across the street, I get an email when it arrives (1-2 days later), I pick it up. Simple.
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