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  1. The economic situation is not progressing fast enough in the U.S. The general direction for the peons is toward a laborer/consumerer is that of fodder for the system. I am pursuing expatriation as a means to pursue wealth in another location. Any recomendations on an alternate soveriegn nation.

  2. Chile.


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    Well, don't move to Japan... Europe is my favourite except language problems might arise in the south of Europe but most, if not all speak English. (well the ones I might want to communicate at least)
    I am thinking the same for my retirement but the language is a big issue for me. Canada might be nice if you like snow and cold.
  4. Europe and the Americas are not on list. Pacific Region only.

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    Don't do it.
  6. Bad reason. Have you ever heard the saying "wherever you go, that's where you are"? Other places have their problems too, and as a foreigner you will find it even harder to make it.

    Viable reasons to expat are going temporarily for a bit of adventure, or because you genuinely prefer the culture and society of a specific foreign country. The USA is one of the easiest societies to do well in, if you can't make it in the USA then you can't make it anywhere.

    If you do actually go ahead with it, my recommendation is to start learning the language as soon as you arrive, and take up some hobbies to meet people (don't rely on work alone). You need to build up a new network of acquaintances and friends, to be competent enough to handle situations in the new language, otherwise you'll suffer a more restricted life with less opportunities and interesting experiences.
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    wise words.

    and to put it another way, "the grass is always greener over the septic tank."
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    if you this picky, then Singapore...or Aussieland.....but all these places have their problems.....and they dislike foreigners most about Hawaii (I am thinking of this for myself...)
  10. Are you Muslim? If so, you'll feel very comfortable in Europe in a few decades:

    By the end of the century, it will be mostly Islamic almost for sure...
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