Any reason we're not going limit down again?

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  1. Don't know about you ES traders, but this market sure as hell looks like Thursday night/Friday morning all over again.
  2. Where is the most up to date view of the futures?
  3. ES -35.5
  4. Such a horrible pattern but ES 830 looks like a buy area for a swing long. Bottom of range this week imho.
  5. DOW down -251

  6. Mkt's coming back a little now. Does anyone know when the S&P limits down.
  7. Anyone think we will go back up sometime today after open?
  8. -60
  9. Looks like ES is finding support at 830, but I'm not sure it'll hold. Today's a Monday so if there's another big down day it's most likely today.

    Also today is the last Monday in October, so there is hope for a rally this afternoon or tomorrow to take us into November and the presidential election.

    That said, 775 is definitely a possibility for ES.
  10. Cheese


    This Monday is so far gap down when the previous close was also down. On the last 4 occasions of Mondays being gap down with the previous close down, the Close on the day has been between 20 to 165 points down on the Opening Price (9.30am YM).
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