Any RealMoney Pro users?

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  1. I'm trying out their 14 day free trial. So far, it's been a disappointment. It doesn't seem very different than the regular RealMoney site. $20 a month vs $250?? Is it suppose to be 12 1/2 times greater? It doesn't even seem twice as great.

    Am I missing something here on the RealMoney Pro site? Have you made any money from it? I wish they had more on options. Shartsis' little tidbits are interesting, but I wish he would write more throughout the trading day.
  2. the only good thing on real money pro advisor is kass but he isnt worth the 250 a month.otherwise its still half cramer and who would follow his picks.the good thing is you can see cramers portfolio and see how bad it is.down 21% as of this morning.some stocks hes is riding he ever made it as a trader is beyond me.
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    Cramer mainly made it as a trader by paying out huge amounts of commission to the street to get the calls. He seems pretty intelligent anyway, and is just like every other investor now - caught in a terrible bear market that is bringing every long-termer down. There is nowhere to hide right now.
  4. i read realmoney more for entertainment and general info, mostly fluff but every once in a while they come up with a good article or an interesting insight

    never even thought about pro for a second, a bunch of arrogant opinionated fundamentalists no thanks, plus DePorre spills the beans on what the 'pro' guys are thinking every few days anyway

    i can't believe Kass has been bullish this whole way down, he should change his name to Kasshole
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    I figured I'd start up this thread again because I write for RealMoney Pro (started recently) and I'm just curious what people think of it.

    My own comments are:

    on the positive side:
    a. Jay Shartsis is an excellent market timer. I followed him since when he was on RealMoney. He's great at interpreting the put/call ratios, the VIX, etc.

    b. The currency section is excellent if you trade currencies.

    c. The other guys writing on options are institutional salesmen for options so when they say a huge block of IMCL puts are being bought, its a pretty good idea to listen.

    d. David Rocker writes for RM Pro. He's a well-known short seller and his research is unbelievable.

    e. Brian Reynolds does good economic analysis every morning and is a good bond timer.

    f. they have several good long-only asset managers who do great research on the fundamentals side. I would say the bulk of their writers are fundamentals-based long/short guys. When i was a reader and not a writer i found all these guys to be great at responding to questions I had.

    g. They seem to be pretty good at getting rid of writers who aren't producing useful trades or analysis.

    On the negatives:

    a. the $250/month seems like a lot to me. I suppose though if you are trading with a good amount and you get some good ideas then its worth it. I also write for Streetview for them which is $30K/year. Now THAT seems like a lot. But again, if you are managing 50M and Herb Greenberg breaks a story there, well..

    b. not much in the way of chart analysis. To me, thats a huge positive but I know for some people its a religious issue. then again, Dick Arms (of Arms index fame) writes for them and he seems pretty good on that stuff.

    c. [Fill in here]
  6. no accountability. one day they pump something and if it goes their way they brag.if it goes against them you never hear about it again.

    no track record.from the best i can tell most of the writers on real money are negitive for the year.

    cramer is such a loathsome person that he polutes the whole site.he constantly bashes others for underperforming yet he is down big this year. he constantly bashes people for not reading and following real money research yet he constantly goes against the real pros on his site and gets creamed.
  7. (i can't believe Kass has been bullish this whole way down, he should change his name to Kasshole)

    Kass played the tech wreck with near perfection - bear all the way down, then bullish early april 2001.

    I think he has been more mixed since then, I havn't been willing to pay for rm pro. But I think it is real hard to perform as a fundamental guy right now. TA isnt easy either, but at leat you're more likely to break even.

    ( Jay Shartsis is an excellent market timer. I followed him since when he was on RealMoney. He's great at interpreting the put/call ratios, the VIX, etc. )

    I followed him in early 2001, and I don't think he had that great a handle on things - I dont know how he has been lately.

    ( David Rocker writes for RM Pro. He's a well-known short seller and his research is unbelievable. )

    There is no way I would own anything this guy is short.

    RM Pro - unless you have a HUGE amount of money you are managing, I think it is WAY overpriced. Much of it was just gutted out of RM.

    RM is probably OK for basic news, even a TA trader has to be up on news to know when to stand aside. But much of it is wishy washy "tastes great - less filling" debate and commentary. Nearly everything said (with the exception of revshark, smith, and fitzpatrick) is not actionable.
  8. vishnu,

    I tend to agree with your comments on RM Pro, based on my limited exposure to it, although I'm not sure I think Shartsis is such a great timer. The price is very high but I suppose it is justified by one good trade or avoiding some disasters. I would like to have access to David Rocker's posts, and I agree the currency guys and options guys are good. I wasn't even aware they had the Streetview product. I guess that brings up a big problem I have with the whole enterprise. It is such a blatant trade up. We subscribe to RM, then a few months later, there is a new and improved version we are told is indispensable. Now I find out there is an even higher priced product. Clearly those of us lower down the food chain are getting leftovers and sloppy seconds. It's one thing if they have different writers, but when the same guys are writing for three different products, you have to wonder how they decide what goes where and when it gets posted.

    I have found that the writers on RM are usually quick to respond to emails. Howard Simons is amazingly helpful.

    Since you've mentioned a few times you are writing a column, would you mind telling us your name? How did you land that job anyway? And thanks for giving us an inside view.
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    i cancelled my RM subscription 95% because of cramer.

    the 5% reason i cancelled other than that was moving people whose opinions i could use (shartsis, gary smiths' 'good' columns) to a separate, pay more, area.

    however, i just couldn't take giving money to an organization whose leading stockholder is a blowhard, unresponsible for his losing picks (if you faded cramer's "official" picks, you'd be up 20%, and if you went against most of his unofficial ones, you'd be up about 40%), and who still runs around screaming about how good he is.
  10. I read Cramer's book. He brags about what a prick he was to work for. He would fire people on the spot because they made a bad trade, throw water bottles at them, make them walk around all day with a post-it sticker on their forehead with the name of a bad pick written on it, etc. All I could think is he must have only hired small wimpy guys to work for him.

    I have to say I enjoy reading his posts though. He is a great writer and offers up a lot of commentary you just don't find anywhere else. And I really like Kudlow and Cramer. Hard to believe they could get a show with those two greenlighted, but it is about the best thing on cable IMO.

    Cramer offers a pretty good analysis of the Wall Street consensus opinion at any given moment. You may not make money trading off it, but it is still a good thing to know.
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