Any REAL traders on TradingMarkets ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by fluttrader, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Do any of ones listed below have audited track records or manage money ?

    Kevin Haggerty
    Mark Boucher
    Larry Connors
    Dave Landry
    Don Miller
    Tim Truebenbach
    Derrik Hobbs
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    Kevin Haggerty used to be the head of institutional trading for Fidelity Capital Markets. I think he runs/works with a proprietary trading firm now. Mark Boucher's Midas fund has been ranked among the best in the world on a risk adjusted basis for a long time. Not sure what happened to Don. Gary Kaultbaum has a money managment business and I've spoken to a few people who are investors with him and happy with what he does. Tim is no longer trading, he is a regional manager for the Keller Group in Las Vegas. I'm not sure on any of the othes.
  3. jem


    having a former business partner and and 3 other traders from my office all go on to varying degrees of trading markets "fame"... I would say the following... I would be careful. The edges might be old or diminishing by the time you see them.

    I know tradingmarkets did some due diligence on my old partners claims of multi hundred percent returns. And we could prove them because we swept our accounts back down to small accounts every year.

    By the time my ex partner started blabbing about what we were doing our edge was fading. Within a few weeks of him blabbing - mine was gone and I suspect his was mostly gone. he took a lot less trades and was more disciplined - so he probably got a little bit more time out of the edge.

    What was odd is right about that time a person from a famous hedge fund started talking to me about what we did. I never told him.

    The electronic futures and ecns were just ramping up and some smart guys probably took what D said we were doing and arbed away what was left of our edge.

    so when i read trading markets - i sort of take this approach - yeah but do you have an edge now.....