Any Real time streaming quotes DEMO?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by waytrader, Oct 29, 2005.

  1. i only know scottrade where i can get a demo account for viewing of Reat Time fast quotes including real time charting by the minutes. Very please with it. But if there any other site that i can get such good demo account...because afraid that scottrade might one day decides to discontinue such free service.

    cheers.:D :D
  2. Amnesiac


    Why would they do that? Maybe, because there are a lot of idiots, that want everything for free. And because those idiots are exploiting an offer like that.

    If you can't afford live quotes, you shouldn't even think about trading.
  3. i need someone who is not an idiot to answer me this Q. btw, i have a bloomberg terminal but i need another like scotrade to compliment my heavy trading. :D :D
  4. This may qualify as a source of almost-free quotes: open an IRA account at a broker who doesn't charge periodic fees, put $2000 into something safe like a money-market fund, and use the account as a source of real-time quotes.
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    I use scottrader for the free quotes, but be aware the volume figures you are getting from this service are not accurate. Historical volume and volume going forward after you key in a stock come from two different sources that are not consistent.