Any Real Good Charting vendor for ASIAN markets out there?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by memphisreign, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. Newbie here,

    I am currently trading a few of the Asian markets from Asia (HKFE and KOSPI). Currently using CQG, although it is a great system, but it is getting very costly for me at over 600USD a month.

    Can anyone recommend a reliable and more cost effective charting software. I do not need the likes of Ninja or IB as I have my own local broker here, just something that is stand alone charting.
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    Who are using for your broker? I've been looking for a backup for IB since I trade the Hang Seng. For charting you could use Metastock and QuoteCenter with the Asian data package for $135/month at
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    or esignal
  4. I'm using someone probably you've never heard of, since I'm in HK traidng those products. I am using a local broker "Kaiser Securities or Kaiser Futures Limited". You can also look into like Philips Securities.

    However, I am not sure how it works if you're not physically located in Hong Kong as they are local brokers. Here's the link.
  5. I want to know the broker too. Cant seem to find one can trade HKFE and kospi in same one other than IB.

    To the above reply, your future company only works on HKFE, but doesnt have KOSPI.

    And esignal doesnt have kospi.
  6. More Yummy,

    Here you go.......

    This is Philips Securities, they have the KOSPI also but can be a little pricy for the RT/s.

    What are you using for chariting, other than IB?
  7. Im using same thing as you on chart.

    But it seems there is other option from the above reply. Not sure if they are very reliable compare to CQG.

    How is the RT using phillip securities on kospi?
  8. RT's for the KOSPI can be more costly than HKFE products, expect to pay about 3/4 of the tick value. Please keep in mind that I haven't looked at the commission table and traded the KOSPI in awhile, but this is what I remembered. You can goto

    Tick size and value is all right there.