Any publicly available futures data?

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    Hey guys, its seems you can find stock information everywhere. Not so with futures though, I'd like to watch them on an end of day basis with my own indicators, is there any website that has this for free? If not what is a good, inexpensive service to use?

  2. The website for Man Futures has free end of day quotes. The website for futuresource has free charts. What neither one of them has, is free historical data. -> Traders Support -> Quotes/Charts -> Charts
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    Thanks horri, futuresource was just what I was looking for. Any suggestions on a market simulator to track my trades?

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    I suggest looking at the mid spread prices offered by any spread bet company. Their money is on the line if they get it wrong and they are right up to date (excepting weekends etc)
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    Anyone know where i can obtain charts of IPE futures (e.g. Brent Crude)? They appear in Futuresource's symbol list, but there are no delayed quotes/charts when you click on the link.
  6. i've searched all over for good data cheap. if you're a programmer i suspect you can scrape a lot of that data from some sites that provide end of day data in HTML format. if not, go to norman's historical data (i think it's, but you can google).

    they sell vast datasets for a damn good price - usually $15 a pop. I bought a couple sets last week, and am more or less satisfied, although I question their AUD CME data. lack of gaps makes it seem more like forex than pit-traded futures data.
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    Many thanks for this.