Any PROPHET.NET experts?

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  1. How can I get a simple moving average of the HIGH?
    How can I get a simple moving average of the LOW?

    Is this even possible in PROPHET.NET? Or do I need to purchase a big package? (I'm not an professional trader).

    Are there any online or web-based packages that allow me to do this at a fairly low cost. (I'm only using end-of-day prices for long-term trading).

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    To my knowledge, they can't do it.

    I'd think you were better off getting a subscription to QuoteTracker.

    Their software is a bit overkill for what you need, but it's good to have all the extra firepower at your disposal where your money is concerned.

  3. Can you tell me how much Quotetracker costs?
    Basic package (end-of-day, or whatever their first tier is)
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  7. is pretty good, but their free charts don't have the sophistication you need. With Prophet, you're supposed to be happy with SMAs that are always based on the close ---- not on the high, low, or open.

    I suggest you turn your attention to and download Medved's Quotetracker (QT), which is far better than any free chart you might find on QT gives you 100+ different charts and indicators, and the price (of $0) of their service is right, too.

    To be able to use QT, you will need at least one data provider. Just about anybody will do. Most guys here use the data feed of their own brokers.

    However, if you've got no broker at the moment, I suggest you check QT's list of data feed providers. The list is long enough, so that you can still use QT. A few years ago it was Scottrade that offered FREE (delayed) streaming data, even to non-clients.
  8. :mad: Prophet SUCKS
    for 50 bucks amonth you can go to a broker and lease for the same price and get 1,000 times more and reliable than prohet - with prophet you can't even do any tick charts..the only thinks good about prohet is nothing