Any Prop Trading firms around Philly?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by pdwst33, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. pdwst33


    I'm an experienced trader who is looking for access to capital and/or margin and is willing to make a capital contribution. Are there any prop trading firms in or around Philly that people are aware of that allow for remote trading, reasonable payouts, etc.? Thanks
  2. I'm wondering this, too. Anyone??
  3. troman


    There's a group in Philly across from the PHLX that's headed up by an ex-Worldco guy but the name slips my mind. It's a regular sort of prop deal.

    I'll try to come back with the name.

    I'm not affiliated by the way. I'm at Orion in K of P but we're a small group and I don't think they're looking for traders since they're focusing on building an execution business.
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    I think it's Centurion, but don't quote me on that
  5. I am not in Philly but I think that’s the firm too. They list out of Chicago. You need to call them and ask for a group looking for individual traders. They have a few different offices in different states. I think it deals with big hedge funds.
  6. jmoo


    Yes there is a prop firm in phila called centurion. I interviewed with them in May seemed decent. I'm trying to find other prop firms in philly as well. Many remote, but centurion is the only one with a desk that I know of.

    I can get them in touch with you if you'd like.
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    Thanks for the heads up about Centurion, I will look into them.
  8. tfsh145


    I'm at centurion right now its at 1818 market st., right now there is about 20 guys in there split up into 2 groups if you want more info, or someone to contact i can get it for you. I don't know of any other prop firms around the area
  9. Ed Curtis

    Ed Curtis

    Guess I added too much info on my last post because it seems to have been deleted.

    I run a prop office in Cherry Hill. Contact me if you have any interest.
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    I am also looking for a prop firm in the area. Let me know how can I get in touch with U?
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