Any prop shops operating in China ?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by massiveattack, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. I have been trading futures in europe for a couple of years now,planning on going back to china and trade some local chinese products.
    i heard G.H.Financials(GHF) have offices in shanghai,does anyone know any other trading houses or prop shops over there?
    thanks guys:) !
  2. i've only heard crazy stories of chinese prop firms
    with hundreds and hundreds of profitable traders
    in a little room all making bank.

    but dunno any exact ones.

    msg me if u kno of any! thanks!
  3. i think you maybe referring to the prop shops that solely trade u.s stocks. i heard there r a few of them in china alrit, such as swift trade..etc.
    but i dont think they have access to chinese markets. they are four main exchanges in china (Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange,Dalian Commodity Exchange,Shanghai Futures Exchange and China Financial Futures Exchange) their volumes are crazy..among 10 most traded commodity products, 8 of them are in China.:eek: not to mention the index futures they launched last year. more than 70% retail trader.
    maybe there r a lot of people or prop houses that have been taken advantages on them already. unfortunately i dont know any
    shed some light if you do cheers