Any prop futures firms in CA

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  1. I have been trading stocks profitably for a couple of years now, but I am getting fed up with the current stock trading situation. It seems you have take more and more risk for the same return and we seem to be losing more liquidity everyday. The trading edge/advantage seems to be in futures, which would allow you to trade indexes, bonds, ect. There also seems to be a big demand from other current stock traders who are looking for a change but no place to go outside of Chicago.

    Does anyone know of a trading firm or small group of traders that currently has a floor in CA or who are looking to open a floor out here in Southern CA? I would prefer it to be a prop type of floor which means trading someone elses money.
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    Haven't used GreenTreeTrading but a guy named mrktwiz on this board does (or maybe works their, not sure).
  3. It looks like that definition of prop though is putting up risk money and getting leverage on your money. When I say prop I was talking about percentage split and no money up. Futures are so leveraged that it would not take much money to open your own acct so there is no need to go to a firm to get more leverage on your money. Please let me know if I am wrong about Greentreetrading or from someone who trades there.
  4. I Trade there also...PM me for details
  5. there is a guy is s.d who is new from s.f who now runs the echo office in not sure how he got my number (he probably heard im an "outlaw" to the ex-echo guys down here for mixing it up on this board)......he said there are backers there and they trade derivatives as well as equities.....His name was Mike and he was very professional and curteous (unlike the previous s.d echo clown whose idea of marketing was bashing the competition)

    no doubt since nov. most big cap scalpers are running into a tougher trade with lack of participation and limited real volatility.

    Isnt your roomate flipping futures around? I heard he was...
  6. Thanks for you help. I will try to contact some of these people. I knew it would be hard to find much out here although I think there is a big opportunity for it. I don't think everyone wants to live in Chicago who trades futures. Anyway jpomerenke I PMed you.
  7. I used to look for a firm in California and never found one.......
    I had to move to Chicago to trade....:D

    I miss S. California!!!!:mad:

    Make sure you're paying low commissions. Well....depends on how you trade! Commissions will make a big difference on how well you do..

  8. So you ended up moving to Chicago to trade at a prop futures place? What has been your experience so far? How have they trained you to trade if any training. I just had a friend come back from there who went there to check it out. He currently trades stocks too. He said the futures floors were packed and all the stock trading floors were empty. Like I mentioned before there seems to be big opportunities out on the West Coast for firms willing to trade futures.
  9. The firms here mostly don't offer any training.

    For experience, I really can't say much. You see alot of things you shouldn't do as a trader.

    Good luck!!!

  10. anybody know any contacts at echotrade in lajolla, Ca or any other prop futures firms?
    I am looking for a futures prop firm in california and have yet to find "ONE"!!
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