Any Prop Future firms?

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  1. I looked through the forums and found only a few references to prop trading firms that did futures. Are there any here that people would recommend. I'd like the option of doing remote trading also (not a must though). Please feel free to PM me.
  2. segv


    VTrader in SF.

  3. Enigma Trading Sevices Milan
  4. Thanks to all that replied. Thanks Arb for the links .I've only had a few PM's. There has to be a few more that trade the emini???
  5. NKNY


    Curious what kind of leverage a Futures prop shop would give you over the normal leverage... I could see if one wanted to trade from a trading room environment and /or needed better equipment. ect.... but who really needs more leverage...?

  6. Maverick74


    Two words: cross margin.

  7. Is this futures terminology for hedging within the same account? (ie, same contract, same expirey, both long and short open positions, likened to a straddle in options terms.)

  8. Nevermind.
    Found several explanations via web search for "cross margin".

    To answer my own question, the answer is yes. (that's how I'm understanding it, so long as the "product" is eligible for cross-margining AND the clearing firm where "product" is held meets specific requirements AND participates in cross margining.) Ultimately, the purpose of cross-margin is for reduced margin requirements given multiple qualifying positions within a single and possibly across multiple account(s). Nothing specific to any particular strategy.
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