Any prop firms willing/able to compete?

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  1. lescor


    I too am an arbitrage trader and routinely use leverage of 50:1 for weeks at a time. All extremely low risk, which is why the leverage works. My question is about the cost to carry such highly leveraged positions. What kind of haircut are you arb guys paying and how negotiable is this with various firms? Many strategies aren't viable if your cost of carry is too high. If you can put up $100,000 and have a solid track record, what kind of deal can you strike?
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  2. UMU


    Here are the links to the API of RMLtrading:
    API documentation: End Server Protocol.pdf
    API info and download links:
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  3. H2O


    I've seen the RMLwebsite, but I don't think they are cheaper...

    Please explain.

    Per share pricing : $0.005 / share (+ ticket fee +/- ECN)
    Per ticket pricing : $3.95 / trade

    Compare this to Genesis at max $0.003/share
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    Ok, I had used the following schema:
    3.95 + the usual ECN rebates + charges.
    I applied rebates only to half of the tickets, meaning half of the tickets do add liquidity (gets rebate), the other half
    take liquidity.
    When I ran the same backtests RMLtrading produced
    the least commissions (avg daily nbr of shares >500k and also >2000 tickets per month).
    I've just looked at their site and they seem to have
    changed their rates; IMO it now looks similar to the commission rate of Genesis. These new data I've not tested yet.
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  5. anybody using or know anything about these firms?




    they say you need no series 7 license

    5000.00 minimum

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  6. Do you have any web addresses, or other info, for those firms?
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