Any prop firms that offer pair trading besides bright?

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  1. Looking to open up an acct. with Bright because of the automated pairs software they have, but since going to an 80/20 split not as excited as taking that route anymore. Any other prop firms out there that offer pair trading software similiar to Bright's pair trader?
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    It's not technically Bright's software. It belongs to Zoe Trading. An outfit out of Austin. You can use it without Bright. Our firm uses pairtrading software from Knight Trimark that I think is outstanding. It's also 3rd party so they are broker independent.
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    cyborg spreader not bad, used with sterling.
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    This is something you need to explore with Interactive Brokers.

    They came out with this press release recently about their new pairs trading algorithm software (scale trading pairs):

    No fee to open an IB account, no fee to close an IB account. Only fee is commission (1/2 penny per share and gets as low as 1/10 penny per share if trade high volume). Check the Elite Trader reviews if you don't know who they are.

    To open an IB account simply click on this link here:

    Or contact me at
  6. I was specifically referring to there software which is what most of the pair guys use. It is only available thru them on the redi platform.
    Which firm do you trade with Maverick? I'm an old worldco trader as well, started with them on the agency desk under Sloan Bruan back in May of 2000, then joined Sinatra's group in Jan. 2001.
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    Great to meet a fellow Worldco trader. I remember Sloan. I don't want to advertise my firm so I'll just say that most firms have pair trading software. Most developers are broker independent. All firms trade pairs in some capacity, it's just that Bright exclusively focuses on it. There is some good software out there though.
  8. pm me maverick and let me know who your with and what you guys offer, my U4 is filled out and ready to go to bright just not sure about pulling the trigger till i know the rest of my options..
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    Hi , I'm actually in the same boat as you but have stopped to look around for other options...

    Just saw an ad on craigslst from hold brothers. They seem to have a pairs trading software and they advertise that they dont require a S7 which is strange because I thought Hold brothers require traders be licensed..

    I googled the phone number and it seems to be from their elmsford office.

    Also had spoken to dimension trading sometime ago and they told me they will be offering pairs trading soon as well with leverage comparable to bright...

    Hope this helps..

    Mav, can you PM me as well if you dont mind... Thanks

  10. Just to clarify, Mav...we use primarily (in our JVC programs etc.) the PairRangeTrader software developed and owned by our wholly owned subsidiary PairCo. Zoe has some cool stuff, for Bright Traders only, but most use the PairCo stuff.

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