Any prop firms that offer favorable payout?

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  1. I've been to the normal firms:

    Equity Trading Academy

    And they don't offer very good payout percentages.

    My feeling at the end of the interview was that I would only be there to spend my capital on giving them whatever percentage of my profits at month-end, horrible commission rates and expenseive desk fees.

    Does anyone know of any prop trading firm in NY that offers really high payouts? Like mayble 90-95%?

  2. What was you deal at avatar
    and were u paying a desk fees
    Did you put 5K up front - ???
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    I have heard Atlas (atlastradinggroup) gives 90%. So does Cy Group ( , they back their traders.
  4. After looking into several firms I finally signed up with Equity Trading Capital . So far all is ok for me and my payout is 90%. and the firm absorb all the losses.Ken the instructor is one of the best trainer and trader i have ever seen
  5. I think you can get 100% at Echo but you need a Series 7.
  6. If you're putting money up why would you ever except less than 100% pay out?

    Only exception I could think of is if you're getting serious mentorship.
  7. Yea well if you getting no desk fees and your commision are low ( as long as they dont want you to over trade and make money on your commision
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    Can hook you up if you want to go to Jersey.
    The group I trade with starts with .0045 for in office and decrease if you hit higher volume, also if you want to give up on the P/L side they will drop the rates. Remote guys get a better deal because the overhead is lower, so they give better rates. I think they start with .004 and go down from there. Just one thing, I think they require 10K cap.
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    I think cy group pays 100
    % if your trading 20x lev with 5 k deposit..

    I was told if they allocate more capital to you after 4 months they will profit split. The choice is yours ... Of course you need to show them you know what your doing in those 4 months..


  10. yes, Echo requires a series 7 and maybe a 63 depending on what state you live in, and if you are remote they offer 100% but you are on your own (no training/mentoring) not sure about their offices in NYC or S. FL, just pick up the phone and ask
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