any Prop firms for non-U.S citizens

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by dees, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. dees


    I know of Swift but they police what you trade.

    Also heard HLV has a canadian office but they only give 10X for a 5k deposit.

    Are all firms with capital contribution and no overnight positions. Do you at least get to hold what you would on margin at a retail with your contribution overnight?

  2. Datradr


    try golden market management...good pay outs...
    or even westwind trading ...if you want remote...

    good luck
  3. jisalazar


    HLV and swiftrade both have "offices" in Barcelona Spain.

    How does remote prop. trading work? Rebates, etc? Just wondering....looking into this to potentially contact firms to do something similar and open and office here in Europe.

  4. I wonder if you guys have proven yourselves in your private accounts before kidding yourselves into believing you could make it as pros.

    Many of you have just wetted your feet with simulators and belive can trade without knowing basics info like annualized GDP.

    Im just trading for less than a couple of years and I'd never dream of thinking I got enough experience to compete with the best. On the contrary how could I justified to myself my losses and my lack of experience.

    I think you are underestimating ther complexity of the task ahead. You make it look as if it is sooo easy. But maybe it's just me, an underperforming trader, and you are extremely gifted people, all bound to succeed.

    Good luck to all of you.
  5. ... you are only competing against yourself. Any other viewpoint is very counterproductive ....
  6. That's bullshit. If there was no competition anybody with little knowledge of the markets and good confidence in his (lack of) abilities would be a winner.

    Competition amongst participants in the markets is a real think and to beat it you need to understand it and fight it.

    After all I don't remember ever taking the opposite side of my transactions.
  7. Ebo


    Try that Jamaican bucket shop!