Any prop firm in CONNECTICUT ?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by 0008, Sep 3, 2009.

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  2. used to live there. None that I knew of
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    PM me, lets talk
  4. there has GOT to be some in Stamford/Greenwich area. I find it hard to believe there are some investment banks (UBS/RBS/???) and hedge funds but no prop firms???
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  6. this looks like a hedge fund? They take employees, but that is not the same as being a prop firm...?
  7. Trader Zones... I hope you are being sarcastic. With over 4,000 posts I would hope you know what SAC capital is.

    Are you someone who spams ET everyday and never has traded in his life? Sounds like it.

    Does Steve Cohen ring a bell?

    Well Yes, SAC is a hedge fund.... One of the most famous one actually with great returns... so good that the fund gets 50% of profits. And Cohen is regarded as one of the best traders of this era. He took home several billion in the past few years (each).
  8. The meaning of my post seemed to have gone straight over your head. And I wasn't talking to you, so get lost.

    You have always come across as rather simple-minded. Is this why you are no longer a moderator?

    Now you can also join the ignore list. I generally reserve it for the feckless and the self-absorbed.
  9. Almost 5k posts and you don't know what SAC is?

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