Any prop firm for an older newbie ?

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  1. I posted this in another thread yesterday, not sure it was the right place for it.

    The split is less important to me than a chance to work and learn w/o hefty upfront fees (enrollment fee, training fee, whatever you call it).

    I worked in IT for many years. I discovered my passion for trading as a result of anti-bailout activism last year. Besides learning from free webinars and books, I spent the last 6 months learning in a live educational trading room (all for $30/mo - great place to start).

    I am American, willing to travel, relocate and work very hard but not willing to be scammed.

    Thanks for any info.
  2. have also tried to go down this route and find it
    cheaper to 'earn as you learn' - without the exhorbitant
    proprietary fees for training etc(and the firms i looked at tended to have a bad rep.....) have also done seminars, ebook corses
    and books and the most effective training has come from the cheapest option - reading books!! as well as practicing
  3. gap969



    this being my first post

    virtual trading and text book learning will not make one succeed
    bcos there isn't the element of psychology involved.
  4. There are many prop firms out there that can help out; the most important thing is to make sure that they have some form of mentor program for you.

    These ( guys were pretty good in terms of training. I went to their class several years back and enjoyed it.