Any Prop firm Capital Gain Tax Free?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by qll, Dec 21, 2006.

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    I am currently trading solo. Not much volume, but good profit. 20-60% per year on position trading from stocks and 50% per month on swings from futures.

    I am looking for more capitals, especially more overnight capitals on stocks, because most of my profits are from overnight. My future margin is 6-10%, so that is enough for me for now, but my stock margin is only 25%-50% with interest.

    I currently trade from foreign, because there is no Capital Gain Tax from where I trade. I wonder if any prop firm can accept me.
  2. No capital gain tax, but straight "ordinary income" tax for Prop traders because we're taxed "Mark to Market" - open and closed positions.

    Capital is no problem, being from another Country is no problem, but you would have to come here for licensing.

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    swifttrade and titletrade seem to have offices in china (swifttrade has 20+, title has 2).

    do you know how those chinese traders get around this licensing issue?
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    Not every prop firm requires licensing, it depends how and by whom they are regulated. Swift and Title are not US-based firms either.
  5. They keep a big chunk of your profits is what I'm told.

  6. do u have the titletrade company's website?

    I dont find it any where
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    qll, aren't you the guy who 'sells' research to hedge funds who then "tip you off" when they are about to buy in? Wouldn't your hedge fund friends be able to provide you with this capital since they trust you so much?

    Exactly how much capital are you looking for? From the posting below, it looks like you are already doing quite well.


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    stocks 12 months: 100k-120k after tax
    future 2 months: 150k-180k after tax
    so my total is about 250k to 300k after tax


    Hmm, it does seem odd that your profit figures for the year are given in rather large ranges.

    Very odd indeed. Hmmmmm.....