Any programs that would do this?

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    Any programs or brokers that could handle this?

    to place orders through for the following conditions.

    Place a buy order when:

    1. A certain volume is reached at a certain time of the day.
    2. MACD Histogram is positive
    3. Price is better than the previous day
    4. Stochastics are over 80
    5. Place a stop right after the buy

  2. Baywolf


    I know that Tradestation and NinjaTrader, among other programmable platforms can do what you are looking for. This is basic stuff when it comes to automated trading.
  3. CDNPatriot

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    So these would require programming skills?
  4. Baywolf


    Programming/scripting is usually required. I learned TradeStations' EasyLanguage over a weekend. (Although, I do have a background in programming).

    NinjaTrader has a wizard like dialog process that lets you do very basic logic actions graphically, based on popular indicators. I've never used it myself, but you might be able to throw something like what you want together with NT without touching any code, only using your mouse and typing in values.
  5. A programmer could write the code for that script in 30 minutes.
  6. nlimit1


    it costs money but worth every dime.
  7. ATLien


    I have written quite a bit of NinjaTrader code, and have something similar to this. If you want the strategy source, just send me a PM.
  8. I'm does Ninjascript compare to Easy Language ?
    Performance-wise and function-wise:
    Better, worse, ???
  9. i use Tradestation for similar strategies - very robust and should do that
  10. Tums


    For some programs, all you have to do is click on a list to select the indicators you want to be in your "study", and then enter the trigger value of those studies. (e.g Ninja.)

    For other programs, you will need to write some English-like instructions to tell the computer what to do. (EasyLanguage is an example.)

    If you can finish high school, I am sure you can learn to program a computer.
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