Any programmers available. New York Tradestation Trader Here

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  1. ike


    looking for a programmer to simply program a black box, in c for tradestation these set of rules, using tick data:

    We look for the slow stochastic to make a new low
    A new low implies an old low that has been exceeded.
    We will call the old low: low-b
    Low-b needs to meet 2 conditions
    It is below 35
    On either side of the low-b, preceding and ante-ceding, there is a rise
    of 5 points.
    To explain: a rise of 5 points means that if the low is 10 it needs to
    have hit 15 on either side.
  2. your rules need better explanation

    it is totally messed up!
  3. ABCTG


    Why does it have to be "c", rather than implementing it into Tradestation directly or using a different language?
  4. think it will come to you....
  5. ABCTG


    I can understand that one might want to avoid the code being in Tradestation format, but I don't get why it needs to be C.

    ike it might make sense to only open one thread for the same topic, instead of three or four.
  6. security - why security - vendor - publishing - etc. duh
  7. ABCTG


    Fair enough, I don't know if it's harder to crack a DLL written in C compared to a different language, but once you send something out, the security of your code just dropped dramatically. That doesn't mean reverse engineering the logic, as this should take some time. Lifting any date or computer locks sadly isn't so hard for a skilled person.