Any profitable traders want to make an extra 20% on top of your monthly gains?

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  1. oh no it never front runs. two 3,000 share orders would go in with yours always being first. your trade is what initiates that second trade to begin with.

    i'm not a partner, but with all of the questions i've been getting, i did recommend that they implement hidden mimic orders on the limit buys/sells if the trader chooses. if i'm in a position, and i wanna get out @ limit asap, i wouldn't want 2X my order sitting on the inside sell. it may scare away potential buyers, and drive down the price. i visible bid/offer will always take precedence over a hidden, so the trader would have nothing to worry about.

    i was just using those numbers as a quick example of how it works. we could be wrong and have a trade move against us without the box. if we did slam out @ market, the box will do the same, but after you.
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  2. hey, Pekelo..

    thanks for sharing that site. i've never come across it before. i don't know if i'ma pass it along, tho. i'll probably take it to the money guy myself. :)
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  3. lindq


    In my experience - I earlier supplied a system - Collective2 is just a curiosity and an interesting source of info for what others are doing. But for trading it is not generally reliable or ready for primetime .
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    True, that most of the systems there are not worthy to try, but I could probably find 5 good ones and subscribe to them. But a $100-300 monthly fee is much less than their proposed 20%. After all, just how many systems/traders do they want to copy? Really, they only need one with a liquid trading vehicle, like ES, or QQQQ....

    The point here really was that there was no need for their blackbox, because collective2 using the autotrader works just like one...

    Before you invent something, always check the patent office... :)
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  5. after checking out that site in further detail, i'd have to agree with lindq. the returns on the stock systems didn't seem that impressive. 100% automation can't factor out negative company specific news, Bernake, stock manipulation, etc. i also see alotta negative reviews from subscribers. they say the return doesn't factor in slippage from possibly 100 different traders getting the same signal and making the same trade on the same stock.

    i think my guys are doing it the right way. mimic'ing one guy's successful trade rather that buying mass marketing signals to me is a more efficient way to go.
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    I'll participate if your guys are also willing to attend my week-long $200,000 an hour seminar on trading. Think of it as an 'investment' :D
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