Any profitable traders want to make an extra 20% on top of your monthly gains?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SammySOESa, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. but what about the crackers, Surdie? before you were tickled pink at the prospect of stuffig some crackers in your puss. now oyu're too good for crackers? what's it gonna take to get Surdie onboard? cookies? chips? ball park franks?

    tell me, how can we be in the Surdie business? :confused:
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  2. sure, i gotcha. skepticism is the nature of the business.. but trust me, the response was plentiful. i got PM's and emails from people i didn't even know existed on the board.. successful, consistent guys who've never post. i gave the contact info to the principals of the firm, and they'll take it from there.

    we're all adults, here. if they choose to do it, they'll get paid.. if they chose not to do it, that's fine too. no harm, no foul.
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  3. gee, you make it sound so easy. why don't we just quadruple our size, and quadruple our money?

    stepping up your size will affect your risk, no?
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  4. uh? if u have a succesful strategy it takes another 4-5lots on top of your standard size, maybe even less, to make up for those 4k a month. what risk by the way, if your strategy is sound there aint no more risk that there was already; afterall that's what your blackbox is doin', isnt it...addin' to existin' trades.

    your proposition dont make sense.
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  5. marky1


    Why would one not just increase their size and take 100% of the profits instead of potentially revealing their strategies for only 20%? Just seems an odd option, but having said that - sure I can see some kind of a benefit for an under capitalised trader. Good luck anyway.
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  6. doubt that any1 would tell the world he lost his ass folllowin' a stranger advice in matters of money, es lost and came clean: it may be 1 person but it is more than enough...u were here for referrals, tellin' the world how easy it was to make 000s of dollars just for your own sake. what i found revoltin' was your postin in the feedback thread were u boosted about sweepin' your gains while es went downunder....u might have been good at it but this wasnt a thing to push trough this board the way u did it and that wasnt my opinion only.
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  7. This SammySOESa thread merits the award for the "Craziest ET Thread of 2006".
    :D :D :D
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  8. so what's stopping them from already doing that? if anyone wants to throw a few lots on top of what they're already doing, be my guest. once they've sized up, they can still make another 20% on that.

    ooooh, i see. interesting. sizing up doesn't add to your risk profile. you know, i seriously doubt you typed that with a straight face.
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  9. you actually think someone "lost their ass"?!? a little early in the morning to be knocking back a few, isn't it Bitstream? now suddenly a few recoverable bucks on your plastic equates to "losing your ass"? who are you trying to kid? i had *1* referral on this board at $1,000. one at $600. everyone else, at my URGING, started with under $100. you KNOW i REPEATEDLY told everyone to start small, double their money, pull the principal, and let the rest ride. you KNOW i said that NIGHTLY.. you just choose to cry about it 6 months later to buttress your dis-interest in the blackbox prog.

    NIGHT after NIGHT after NIGHT, electric, I, and the other surfer in the thread waxed poetic about the importance of using fraud-protection credit cards.. did we not? ES just chose to stop to save the 3% charge. i suggested to him in the same thread that that wasn't a good idea because you never know what's gonna happen. he said he didn't care, but appreciated my advice. when StormPay hiked their skirts and ran, the rest of us called our CC companies, filled out the claims form, faxed it in, and got our money back. it was that simple.

    by the way, lemme let you in on a little secret. guess who made his money back? and guess how he did it? autosurfing is still going strong 6 months later. ES kept going.. we just don't talk about it. the red-hot autosurf forums still accommodate the masses. so no need to cry about his "ass".
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  10. 'sup, marky..

    all of the trades are made from a universal account, and it would take a trememdous amount of reverse engineering to filter through the trades to decipher strategies. the computer's goes off all day, and it's just background noise to them until the close. their being well in the green at the end of the day is all that matter.

    but i feel what you're saying, tho. if someone primarily focuses on thin stocks, it might not be for them. for those who trade etf's and other thick stocks, it's an added benefit, that's all.
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