Any profitable traders want to make an extra 20% on top of your monthly gains?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SammySOESa, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. i suppose that would work for a while. if you were still profitable on most of your other trades, it probably wouldn't even matter. if it's every trade, and the prog is consistently losing money on that trader, they'll cut them off.. i mean, they're not exactly idiots.
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  2. Doesn't autosurfing = click fraud as in google, I am asking seriously because I looked into auto surf when DXG started going south, but I would rather focus on trading.
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  4. u posted on that thread because u were after referrals that's it...even baron threatened to ban u because of your spammin' spree. fact is u posted this stuff where trust is an issue and after that episode i wouldnt trust u if u were the last man standin' on this earth, but maybe that's just me.
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  5. Surdo


    I thought all The real SOES Bandits are retired.
    What happened Sammy, you caught on too late?
    This is DOGSHIT !
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  6. Apparently, I misunderstood the nature of the arrangement. My apologies. Even so, my guess is that your offer will largely be met with apprehension.
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  7. also what would be the point? if u are makin' good money u dont need to take the risk of divulgin' part of your strategy for a meger 2k a month or whatever. if u are after that kinda money why dont step up your size since that's sort of what happen when a copycat trade piggyback yours.

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  8. naa, it had nothing to do with google's click fraud. we vetted that all out months ago.. it serves no purpose to revisit.
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  10. your revisionist history is entertaining, and frankly i couldn't care less who you choose to and choose not to trust. like i said.. everyone in the thread suggested to everyone SEVERAL TIMES A DAY to start small with $6 or $12 bucks, and to slowly building on their gains. i said that SEVERAL TIMES, DAILY. i said to protect themselves.. DAILY. sweep your accounts DAILY. i said that for a reason. if it makes you feel good to pretend that i didn't, then knock yourself out.. but then you'll also have to acknowledge that it also feels good to be a bald-faced liar as well 'cuz you KNOW i did. you're a grown man crying about people possibly losing house money profits.

    by the way, i asked you to mention the people who followed my advice and lost money. by ignoring my request, should i take it the list isn't forthcoming?
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