Any profitable traders want to make an extra 20% on top of your monthly gains?

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  1. a couple of well-financed guys i'm associated with have created an extremely efficient blackbox prog that will mimic your trades. their trades will always shadow yours, so you won't have to worry about front-running or losing an opportunity. also, no, they won't steal your strategy. they don't have to. i trade in the same room with them, and they don't even sit at the computer that's making the trades. by the end of the day, they just made thousands of dollars for doing nothing.

    no investment on your part, obviously. all you need is a proven, profitable intraday track record, and a desire to make a free 20% bonus on top of it for doing what you normally do. if they make $1,000 a day mirroring your trades, you'll get a $4,000+ check at the end of the month.

    again, they're NOT stealing strategies. i know that may be hard to believe, so if you're not interested for that reason, it's fine. if you are interested, PM me and i'll have one of them call you and explain in further detail.
  2. forgot to mention..

    if you have some thin stocks that you don't want that extra volume in, all you have to do is tell them. their program has a "stock block" feature that, upon the request of the trader, allows them to filter out that particular issue. if you just want the prog to copy your thick penny-spread QQQQ, AAPL, SPY, DIA-type trades, they can accommodate you.

    again, they won't know your strategy, and frankly, won't care what it is. they'd be making money off of it anyway.
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    Do you get free crackers upon execution of your strategy?
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  4. I suspect someone is already mirroring my trades, now I know who it is! :)
  5. i'm not sure, but i could always ask. if you have a profitable track record, i'm sure you could negotiate crackers into your agreement.

    what kind of crackers did you have in mind? Ritz? Graham? Animal? how about a tasty fig newton? or even some s'mores? they're very flexible. the world is your oyster.

    how about oysters? i hear they work wonders with the libido. one oyster per trade. i'll have a messenger slingshot them right down your throat. lemme know, funnyboy.
  6. interesting idea, what happens if my trade takes all the available liquidity and therefore their black box cant execute at the same price level, would it attempt to execute at a worse price or "skip the trade"?
  7. it would execute at the worse price. the prog would suffer the slippage, but help push the stock in your direction by eating away at the next higher tier.. especially if you swing large size.

    that does happen on occasion with guys who trade thinner stocks, but on thick stocks the difference is negligeble. either way, there's absolutely no risk on the individual trader's part.
  8. Why would a profitable trader let someone piggyback him for only 20% more? I wouldn't let anyone piggyback my trades for less than a 50/50 split at least.
  9. i'm not a principal in their firm so i'm not sure how they came to the 20% figure, but i assume it's because they incur 100% of the slippage risk, while in-turn benefitting the trader by pushing their stocks in the right direction.

    if someone's trading style is to pyramid into positions, i'd like having an 8-figure supported blackbox automatically sitting buy limit orders on stocks i was already in. or, if there's:

    2,000 sitting on the offer at $30.00
    1,000 sitting at $30.02
    1,500 sitting at $30.05
    500 sitting at $30.08
    1,000 sitting at $30.11

    and i KNEW a blackbox was gonna mimic my exact trade, i would put a market order in for 3,000 shares. i'd grab 3k at .00 and .02. by the time the prog was done sweeping the rest @ market, i'd immediately (theoretically) be up $300 on the trade.

    that support would be a nice feature to have.
  10. That just doesn't quite sit right. First, you expect a profitable trader to effectively reveal his trading strategy in explicit detail. (For me, that ends it right there.) Second, the trader is expected to take the word of complete strangers that they won't front run his strategy should it be worth considering. And how could this possibly be verified? I don't think so. Once someone else knows your strategy, it is no longer your own.

    I'd be interested to know what kind of people have signed up for this sort of arrangement, and how many. Care to share?
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