Any Professional Prop/Day traders in GTA?

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  1. Wondering if anyone is in the GTA and would be willing to allow me to bend their ear about prop/day trading professionally? Getting back in, but have been out for a long time. I'm in the east side.

  2. There is a former institutional trader in GTA who "gives lessions". I bookmarked his website somewhere. Charges 10k! If you wish I can try to find it. I hope 96 in your screen name is not the year you were born?
    I think nobody who can make money would teach people as business no matter what some posts here say.
  3. JSOP


    $10K for lessons??!!! LOL Scams! RUN!!
  4. No Scam. Not looking for lessons either. 96 is kids bdate. lol..
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    what is GTA?
  6. CALLumbus


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    Greater Toronto Area...
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  8. Greater Tampa Area
  9. Greater Tennessee Area
  10. A JAR from self centered GTA hahaha
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