Any professional CTA's? Prop'ees?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by JuniorCTA, Jul 9, 2010.

  1. Good morning,

    What is a reasonable start-up amount to use to build a performance record?

    I am fresh out of college, quantitative degree, confident in my strategy and can commit $10,000. Is this enough?

    Is it better to establish a track-record and go to a prop-shop? (ie. not paying for training)

    Appreciate the comments.
  2. 1) Everybody starts out inexperienced, undercapitalized and overconfident. How can it be any other way?
    2) Work with what you have and hope for the best. That's the only "control" you will have over the process. :cool:
  3. When you create your disclosure documents it's irrelevant whether you traded your own personal funds, family funds or "proprietary funds." If it's not another person/ entity's money with POA, you'll have to list your trading performance as "proprietary," which isn't really a big deal, IMHO.

    $10k is enough if you believe it is.

    Investors will pay attention to your levels of drawdown, AROR, and your character & integrity.
  4. You can join a prop firm, cta or bank without any trading experience/track record.
  5. Where do I find bank trading positions for undergrad level? I searched online for bank trading positions but most require M.S/PhD although I meet the quant/programming requirements. And most junior level postions are in the U.K.

    Is there a way to prove you have a consistent strategy to a bank/prop firm to join their junior trading program without training fees?
  6. Should I take into account management/performance fee on daily PnL for the performance record to show to investors? It then seems like I would have to take the statement that the broker generates everyday from daily PnL extract the numbers from that statement and create a new statement that would reflect the actual performance/management fee charges. Is this a fair assumption?