Any problems with 2 Matrox G450s ?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by tenaru, Dec 7, 2001.

  1. tenaru


    I am currently using 2 monitors with a Matrox G450 Dual Head video card running on Win 98. I would like to add at least 1 and possibly 2 more monitors. I would need to add an additional video card. Does anyone have any experience with running two G450s and 4 monitors using Win 98? Is this workable? Is this easy to install? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. This will not work under win98. There have been other threads about this.

    You will need to upgrade to win2k pro first, or XP, but if you choose XP (unrecommended) you will most likely have to install the PCI card first, and use that as the primary card by choosing it in the BIOS.
  3. I run 7 monitors, 4 on the matrox quad, plus one. Then 2 on the dual on my other pc win 2k Pro is a must
  4. kenstl



    Check out the thread entitled "I need a STABLE dual AGP and dual PCI" that I started awhile back.

    I had good luck in win98 with a g450 AGP and a g450 PCI with 2 monitors on the AGP and one on the PCI, but when I tried to add a second monitor to the PCI card, all hell broke loose.

    However, once I installed win2k, all four monitors installed smoothly without the need for any special maneuvers.
  5. tenaru


    Thank you all for your replies. I have read the previous threads suggested as well as the Hardware-OS Guide and I will be upgrading my OS to Win 2000 Pro.