any pro firm accept people over 30?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by 0008, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. My father is now 60 and tried trading, he found his arthritis wasn't very helpful when he ended up hitting the hot key for buying and selling numerous times on accident. Doooouuuu I got triple filled!!!! Poor old guys:)
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  2. bone

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    Dear Inmate:

    Maybe that's how I trade 10,000 futures contracts a day.
    A combination of Viagra, Vioxx, Depends, and powerful blood thinners.
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  3. bone

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    Phil YourCracken:

    I'm 43.

    But I act like a fourteen-year old.

    And I did marry a much younger wife.
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  4. Not many pro firms accept people without a track record. If you can show some good trading history, they should take a look at you ... whatever your age ... I guess.
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  5. No, nobody over 30 anywhere.

    You are washed up in this biz at 25.

    Give up.:D
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  6. gnome


    Hahahaha... that's a good one!

    Few know "come here" from "sick 'em" about anything by 25... how could one be a competent trader??? LOL... :cool:
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  7. NICE!!!!!:p
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  8. Aren't all traders young at heart?
    #28     Feb 9, 2003
  9. jester

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    I know I am .....and enjoying the ride:p

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  10. jay15


    my firm has traders over 30. PM or IM me and we can talk.

    #30     Mar 5, 2003