Any preference on trading platform???

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by nfin01, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. nfin01


    Hello All,

    I plan to start trading e-mini S&P very soon and at the point of choosing who to open an account with. i am leaning towards Tradestation because it provides everything from datafeed to trading platform, analysis and strategy testing to being the broker.

    Want to get an unbiased opinion from an experienced trader on using trade station to trade e-mini. Every vendor i talked to would say their software is the best....

    Would appreciate any comments or feedback.
  2. thumperac


    I have only been using TradeStation for a short time now, but I have no complatints, Im happy with it.
  3. katesdp


    I used 2000i and had no complaints.
  4. I am a long-time TradeStation user....and I used to trade Stocks....which was great. However....I tried the TS Matrix....and think it has a long way to go. I trade the e-mini Futures now. I have been using J-Trader for years now....and really like it....but am also using NinjaTrader. I will be switching all my accounts over to NinjaTrader in the near future. Ninja has much more trade management capabilities.

    You should look at Ninja....tell them Viper sent you.

  5. katesdp


    In my opinion J Trader is old school and leaves you at a disadvantage. I like Ninja's defined stops.
  6. I agree....that is why I am switching....although I don't really use stops.

  7. What is the round trip cost for E-mini S&P with Tradestation?
  8. nfin01


    Tradestation's roundtrip commision is $4.75.

    Thanks for all the feedback.
  9. I have not looked at Tradestation in quite awhile so I checked out the website. Apparently you get the platform free for only 10 rts a month, right?Does this include all charting, data, and exchange fees?
  10. Richard Kontra

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