Any pacifists out there?

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    I grew up in the Vietnam war era and am against war.
    I had friends who never came back, some in body, some in mind.
    I am a flag waving, freedom loving American.



  2. ElCubano


    I for one am against war....Unless it is absolutely neccesary.... I am not convinced it is neccesary to go to War with Iraq...
  3. unleash the hounds....
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    Where I come from, these so called hounds would be considered puppies....Its easy to talk a big game ( warmongers ) while sitting back with a brew and catching one of the playoff games on TV......but I know you already know that Madison....peace
  5. i remember JFK saying something like a wise man can always find a way to avoid war. Interesting... looking back in high school times, the ones always getting into fights are the ones that aren't the smartest. The smart ones can always avoid conflict. But then again... there are always times when there is no other choice.

  6. JWS11


    I too am against war - ie, I don't like it, I'd rather not have it, it's against my religious upbringing and everything I believe in.

    I also don't like poverty, selfishness, gluttony, arrogance, violence, abortion, the death penalty, taxes, starvation, illness, and the speed of light as an ultimate limit to speed of movement.

    But, getting back to the question of war, although I clearly don't want it, I can see that the question can become quite complicated if asked in a different way, like this:

    Let's assume for a moment that I am asked to choose between war now, or soon, and a future where Iraq, North Korea, Iran, and a few other choice members of the UN have, use, and actively market weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear, to the likes of UBL et al.

    Now, that's a very complicated, or simple, decision, depending on how you look at it. I have to acknowledge that this future may be worse than war - maybe. And I say that because, somewhere deep inside me I believe that slavery is worse than war, far worse.

    What if the US and Britain and a few others had fought to stop Hitler in 1938? Many, hundreds, of my relatives would have lived a normal life - and some of them, including their kids, would still be alive. Now, that's something important.

    What if the US had done the same to Russia in the 50s? Nuclear war, worldwide destruction, lots of bad stuff, right?

    What I mean is that my anti-war thoughts invariably lead me to the question of whether I trust our current government and the information I get from the media. How bad is the situation, REALLY?

    Imo, that's the basic, central question.

    When I feel I want to express my anti-war sentiments, I see myself being long on "don't"s and short on "lets do this instead." Yes, war is horrifyingly terrible, but what should we do instead? I am not certain. I just feel that I don't EVER want to be under Saddam's or UBL's thumb.

    Imo, again, that's a huge problem. Still working on it.
  7. I missed going to Vietnam by one year. I would have gone had I been called to duty.

    I didn't vote for Bill Clinton.

    I think OJ is guilty.

    And no, I am not a pacifst.

    Neither am I a warmonger.

    However, I'm still pissed about 911 and I for one am 100% behind my President George W. Bush and our American armed services in fighting this war on terroism and if President Bush believes that means unseating Sadam, is part of the war on terrorism, then so be it.

    If I could join the military, I WOULD.

    E. Killian, Jr.

    PS. I don't drink beer, but I do watch the NFL playoffs.
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    How come some Republicans cannnot spell to save their lives?

    POTATOES !!!!! :)
  9. Don't worry about it. I am thinking of removing the g from the end of digging and pulling.

    As for your comparison of me to Dan Q.

    Dan Q never hit a lick at a snake.

    Come on down to my house and see if we really compare. :D
  10. There that's better :)
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