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    For 'strategies' you will need to go to specific software product sites such as TradeStation, Wealth-Lab, eSignal, AmiBroker etc. But I think you need to subscribe to their products before you can get on their bulletin boards - and of course you would need a good understanding of their products/languages to understand what their strategies mean.
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  2. Metatrader forum

    Tradestation forum

    Metatrader MQL scripting language is 90% similar
    to Tradestation easylanguage, with wealth-lab
    script just 50% similar to other two and harder
    to learn.
    I was amazed with knowledge level traders in
    these forum as opposed to ET which become a
    chit chat place only.
    Lets say when they talk about scalping strategies,
    everything is clearly defined, like what criteria for setup,
    entry, re-entry, scale out, trail, exit all with given inputs,
    filters and additional parameters for functions to adapt to
    market condition like volatility, ATR, parabolic sars...
    each system posted along with performance summery

    I found traders in Esignal forum less knowledgeable
    than tradestation and Metatrader.

    Wealth-lab I believe should have many good topics,
    but it is very hard to search the forums because
    there is no option to search the threads by Number
    of views, replies, #votes, etc.
    This is what i mean
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