Any other $1 <100 shares brokers besides IB?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by AshanD, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. AshanD


    Hey guys, I was wondering what other brokers have cheap a fee structure for small orders, similar to IB but without other hidden expenses. I won't be using IB because of their $10 data fee for accounts that do less than $30 in commissions a month which I won't)

  2. foliofn , sharebuilder ?

  3. Are you bothered to pay $10/month ? Is this a typo
    or am i not reading correctly? :confused:
  4. Sanjuro


    You don't make more than $30 in trades for 1 month? :confused:

    I wouldn't be able to make any real money without putting on some trades...

    P.S. I think you can go to the market subscription in the Account Management and remove the U.S. Equities market subscription.
  5. The_End


    Can someone from IB clarify this potential option; is it possible to bypass paying the $10 monthly fee if a customer elects to not subscribe to, or use, any market data and subsequentially generates no commissions? This would be a nice fit for actual investors, traders wanting to walk away, etc. TIA
  6. ozzy


    This thread should be renamed to "Damn I am one cheap mofo"

  7. sprstpd


    I believe you used to be able to do this but I vaguely remember IB not allowing this option anymore. Contact IB to make sure.
  8. AshanD


    Haha, it's true too that's how I saved up my trading money (which admittedly is not a lot)

    THanks Spyder, MB trading is just what I'm looking for
  9. AshanD


    Yep some might even consider me to be an in(censored) I'll be buying 20-100 shares at a time and holding for 1-6 months. No more than 5-6 orders a month
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