Any options trade on closed-end funds?

Discussion in 'Options' started by dcwriter2, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. I know Tricontinental had options on a few years back. Any others? (Yes, I know the liquidity would be close to nil.)
  2. As of Wednesday:

    ======= ======== ==
    ASA , 10, 1529
    CAF , 0, 388
    DSL , 4, 1725
    IFN , 20, 149
    KYN , 29, 2321

    List may not be exhaustive
  3. Whoa, wow thanks. You got a Bloomberg at home or something?
  4. No, just an ok EOD database. Here is the query I used:

    select base as symbol,sum(volume) as volume,sum(oi) as oi 
      from Options where source = 'LVOL' and sdate = '20191127'
        and base in (select unique symbol from CEFNavs) 
     group by base order by base;
    Problems with the CBOE/LiveVol download last night, that is why it is from the 27th and not the 29th.
  5. Very cool, and thank you again.
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    Been there...Done that. The problem is there is no real volume for these option...None at all. I have PEO and HAO (China...not closed end but same volume issue). Can not find anyone to trade with. I will look closer now that Schwab and Fidelity have gone to 0 commissions...But options are a real no go for closed end funds.
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    Have you entered limit orders around the mid and not been filled or just see wide bid/ask spreads? I ask because often MMs leave wide spreads around illiquid securities but will hit something around the mid if you put it up.
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    PEO is a widow-and-orphen stock. Preserve capital...Pay the dividend...Get out of losing stocks...Move on. I would throw darts at "sale to open" sometimes...Keep dropping my price for a few days then let it expire...Never filled. Again, with PEO, the options are a waste of my time, compared to something like Exxon Mobil. Example below of volume and open interest...


    Expire Date 2020-05-15
    Day's Range 0.2500 - 0.2500
    Contract Range N/A
    Volume N/A
    Open Interest N/A
    Previous Close 0.2500
    Open N/A
    Bid 0.1000
    Ask 0.2500
    Strike N/A
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    Optioncoach has IMO the greatest thread on close-end funds in the journals section. Go read that asap, his knowledge of CEF's made me look into them and eventually as I grow older I definitely want a portion of my cash in them.

    Hey @El OchoCinco can we get your 2020 views on close-ended funds since its been awhile since that thread was created?